It’s 1990, there’s a knock on your door. A person, all suited up and carrying a briefcase, trying to make a sale of his/her product, visiting door to door.

The company’s advertisements and endorsements in newspapers was also prevalent. Then, a few years later it moved to telephones where telemarketers spent all day making phone calls, hoping to convince the person on the other end of buying their product.

You might be wondering what this is all about? 

Well, everything above is nothing but marketing during the period the digital era was far-sighted. This was marketing of the 1990s, widely known as traditional marketing, which is today called offline marketing.

Traditional to Digital

Now, fast forward to 2019, marketing had transformed beyond one’s imagination where there were advertisements in newspapers popping up on social media or any website you might visit. Sounds very convenient right? Yes, as it should!

The face of marketing has changed drastically, going from papers to web pages from phone calls to phone screens, from door-to-door to emails and so on.

While all these changes were being embraced by the business industries along with traditional marketing strategies, the marketing industry again took a dramatic turn in the year 2020. An unprecedented pandemic fell upon mankind, the world came to a standstill – everything had gone berserk and instant lockdowns were announced. All these things had a major impact on businesses, enterprises and most importantly on the marketing ideals the companies followed. As the pandemic unfolded, businesses that highly relied on marketing were hit badly, which led to the implementation of digital marketing strategies and businesses taking the online route for their marketing purposes.

Even today the pandemic is looming over us but the marketing world has adapted to it and is gradually gaining momentum through online marketing. This turned out to be the most challenging phase for marketing.

As we experience the phases and transformations the marketing world is going through, be it a small industry, enterprise or any MNCs – marketing plays a pivotal role in running any business.

With time, the roles and skills required for marketers have changed. Now we need new skills, creative thinking, and a lot of technical knowledge, if you want to attain a high customer base. 

Traditional marketing is becoming less effective as people have changed their way of life, but it doesn’t mean we have to completely discard it. The right balance of both these strategies is the need of the hour. 

In this multi-dimensional universe of marketing, having a business side, an analytics side, a creative side is a must.

Moreover, the intent could differ from enterprise to enterprise, for example, some marketing campaigns are done solely to generate leads while some could be done in order to establish the brand name. Simply put, marketing is no longer a simple tool companies used to sell their products or services. It is now more of a means to convey the company’s message to their customer. Thus, it is crucial to embrace these changes in order to be able to make a mark in the world of marketing.

If you don’t adapt to these changes and prepare yourself to handle the new challenges, you run the risk of turning irrelevant.

However, when it comes to online marketing or building digital presence you require a professional who can deliver the required results for you.

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