After enrolling into the course and even after you complete the course. The after course support is 100% free for our members. (It’s not linked to any payment plan).You get IIEC’s Mentor’s “Skype ID” to message anytime for advice on deals you’re working on.You get “members only” bonus content. Including Q&A videos (which you can submit questions for). – PLUS videos with case studies and insights from our members.You’re invited to the “CEP Support Team” which includes the opportunity to join free groups.The CEP Support Team share advice, discuss on partnership opportunities, post your success stories and motivate others.This has been very successful. We used to run support from WhatsApp groups however the feedback was that the “CEP Support Team” format is much easier to use for students as just next to the lecture they can ask the question and our dedicated CEP Support mentors are always there to reply them. Here are some screen shots from our Support Desk: (Click on the images below to enlarge them)


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