Best Professional eCommerce Management Courses

Getting a graduation degree is one of the most thrilling and happy experiences of any student’s life. In the midst of all the happiness and proud moments, there also comes the most deciding phase of our lives and the question which haunts many students these days–what after graduation? so here is best professional e-commerce course

It won’t be surprising to say that, we are all looking for answers for what we should pursue after graduation that will increase our value and worth in this continuously progressing world.

Well, best professional e-commerce course in the current scenario, there are many options people tend to consider for post-graduation and online courses.

But one such unique field that stands out in the plethora of courses and emerging to be the most popular post-graduation programs is that of eCommerce.

eCommerce  course is not a new term for us, it’s something that we hear about every day- for buying and selling something online. Amazon, Flipkart, eBay are some of the most popular examples of eCommerce industries.

There is another reason I mentioned these companies, as we are well aware that Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc- are top eCommerce companies having a global impact. So, it is obvious that eCommerce professionals are hired in these companies, plus, eCommerce management courses are a gateway to be a part of these leading industries and it is no doubt, a dream of many of us to work for such leading companies.

Ecommerce management courses are gaining recognition and are being acknowledged by reputed industries and companies.

Moreover, in the coming years, the world of eCommerce opens the door to selling any products or services online. In fact, 95% of purchases are predicted to be made online by the year 2040.

This has also resulted in increasing jobs and opportunities for people willing to take on eCommerce as their career prospect.

So, if you are worried about the scope of the field it’s high time you put all your worries away and embark on this journey of eCommerce.

And, this is where you end your search for the best professional eCommerce courses–

As easy it is to use eCommerce in our daily lives it’s as easy to apply for it.

Thinkhub university- marketing partner of the “Indian Institute of E-Commerce (IIEC)” aims at imparting the knowledge required for eCommerce management. Think Hub University is an affiliate of the “Indian Institute of E-Commerce” to offer professional E-commerce Courses.

By ensuring the right courses and teaching staff ThinkHub is helping students gain expertise in the eCommerce industry by introducing new age eCommerce management courses.

Here, we have a curated list of the best and top E-commerce management courses for our aspirants

1.    CEP Beginner for Entrepreneur

The Certified E-Commerce Professional is a flagship certification program of the Indian Institute of eCommerce and it was launched in the year 2015. IIEC has trained and certified over 15,000 students so far. And the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for E-Commerce executives in the business world and from here on there is only an upward trajectory for the eCommerce industries.

Duration: 3-month online certification program

Hours: 80-90 hours

Certification: 17 different programs

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2.   CEP Intermediate

CEP Intermediate is a basic certification program for an individual to get entry into the eCommerce industry. The program has got some of the best training content available on the internet with over 17 different certifications as an All-In-One bundle.

The program is completely self-paced with online lifetime access, updates and support.

E-Commerce executives are a need of the time in the business world post covid-19 the demand for CEP’s has increased and we are estimating that over 100000 CEP’s will be required to manage small and medium-sized businesses in India alone. The program is 100% online and the jobs are also virtual / work from home as the e-commerce and Edtech startups willing to hire our students are based in Singapore, the UK, Canada or the United States of America USA.

Duration: 3-month online certification program

Hours: 80-90 hours

Certification: 17 different programs

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3.   CEP Expert

Course Access: 1 Month

Assignments: 4 Months

Internship: 6 Months

CEP Job Salary & hiring trends: opportunity to work for IIEC Incubated e-commerce start-ups

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4.   Post Graduate Program in E-Commerce & Digital Marketing

Secure your career as a CXO for an E-Commerce business with the Indian Institute of E-Commerce, offered in collaboration with various E-Commerce startups incubated by IIEC. These are new startups and are in an early traction stage, startups are looking to build their dream digital marketing team. Learn 360° E-Commerce Campaign Management i.e., Digital Marketing, E-Commerce Store Traffic Generation, B2B Lead Generation, and subscription sales which are a must for every internet startup. Get Hands-On practical learning and get salaries up to ₹24 LPA**.

Certifications: 2 Month

Assignments: 4 Months

Internship: 2nd year

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5.   CEP Entrepreneurship


EDII and Thinkhub are planning to launch a joint certification program in the name of “E-Commerce Entrepreneurship” for individuals aspiring to start a business in the area of e-commerce. This course will be predominantly delivered online through pre-recorded video lectures/content with periodic online live sessions for students.

The main objective of the program is “New Enterprise Creation and Management leveraging E-Commerce”. To achieve the objective the course will focus on various aspects of starting and managing an enterprise. This course will help participants

  • job assurance* of up to ₹24 lacs per annum** after completion of a course
  • 17 Industry Certifications including top digital brands
  • 200+ hours of online learning in the first two months
  • Practical Cases & Projects with Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • 4 months of practical assignments and 6 months of real-time projects
  • Interaction with digital marketing experts and peers
  • 12 months full-time Internship

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