photographs in e-commerce

Let’s ask a simple questions to ourselves – nowadays are you going out to do the shopping as you used to do earlier ? …. I mean the pre-covid times …. Nope, right ? ….. Secondly, when you were doing the shopping by visiting any shop or departmental store; then what is a natural behaviour that you were following before taking any purchasing decision ? ….. But obvious, typically you will look at the product in all angles, and then touch it, and wherever possible try it out.  

No matter what the product is, it’s visual appearance matters a lot and influences the purchasing decision.

Marketers knows this basics of human psychology very well and hence they have come up with the concept of model products on display with specially designed surrounding and light effects. However, now in this post covid outbreak times, the real-time seeing of the products is not happening and hence the offline Sellers are experiencing the impact of it on it’s sales.

Also many businesses have turned to e-commerce online marketplaces such as to sell their products, services and solutions online. Whether it’s b2b, or d2c or b2c, the ecommerce industry is taking more share in overall business transactions compared to offline business as they can offfer better deals to Buyer.

Being the Buyers are moving to online shopping portals more often to look for what they need the first thing they look at is the photo of that product. If the product photos are well taken with sufficient lights and in suitable angles then certainly it attracts attention of the Online Buyers. A neat & clean well displayed product photographs helps a lot to build up the brand and develop recurring business. As they said –“a picture speaks more than thousand words”; the professional product photography in this ecommerce and online marketplace era is getting more and more appreciated.      

Product photos give one kind of satisfaction to the interested Buyers that what they are buying online is an actual product sold by that website. This is applicable not only for consumer products but also for industrial products, such as machineries, equipment, tools etc. Survey says that all the online marketplaces such as which are focussed on industrial products, engineering & technology products, and even innovative solutions; the success rate of converting website visitor into online buyer is better for the products that have displayed with impressive images.   

With low resolution photos; the potential Buyer does not get first impression well and he or she loses interests to even read more about it or even know the price. The product photographs with low resolution or edited with patch work is a major mistake in any marketing material and it’s a sure No-No for businesses that are focussing online sales more.

Personally, for me the look and first impression of the product images plays a very important role to even checking it out further details of it. As someone rightly said it’s not just in regular world; but it’s in fact more applicable in online world, “the first impression is the last impression” and hence use of professional photographs deserves high level of attention.  

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