Teachers hold a special place in our hearts.  We all have or have had one favorite teacher, who inspired us and made us like the subject they’re teaching. Teachers are often looked up to as someone who guides and shows us the right path. That every person who looks after us when we’re in the institution, a person who critically shapes our behaviors and attitudes. 

In the lockdown, where health care professionals were fighting and giving their all to the world, teachers were too adapting to new technologies and were taking online lectures, so that the world would keep learning and educating itself. 

It was in 1994 when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) decided to declare October 5 as World Teachers’ Day. It was declared with the realization of recognizing the rights and responsibilities of teachers and educators across the world. Since then World Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on October 5.

The day aims at appreciating, assessing, and improving the condition of educators across the world. This day is also seen as an opportunity to consider and address issues that affect teachers such as matters related to their employment and working conditions.

The need for integrated learning is non-existent. Many students are four and five years behind on assignments. Also, there are mobile phones, internet access, etc. Most teachers do not have all of these advantages because they teach and provide music, biology, history, etc. To provide an education to everyone the need for integrated learning is essential. Every student and child should receive the proper instruction that will allow them to develop as individuals and achieve success. This inspired the students have to learn can be tremendously positive. The motivation for students to learn because their teacher is also learning is undeniably positive. Despite increasing criticism from the industry, teachers continue to demonstrate their commitment to educating and empowering students.

Some of the challenges we are facing include distance learning. On World Teacher’s Day, I just want to give a sincere thank you to all teachers for your dedication to educating and empowering students. The history of teaching is unbelievable. One cannot understand how much history we learned during our K-12 education today. History was not taught until high school level which was my third year of education, and that was over a century ago. Teachers are even today providing insight into our knowledge. Education becomes rare, effective, with integrated learning.

Many challenges can be overcome by collaborating and teaming up for effective learning. Student collaboration is a wonderful thing because it allows students and teachers to learn from each other. For example, now every piece of the essay or discussion paper can be done as one group of students. This type of education can inspire teachers to collaborate with administrators on how to teach children their literature best. I can understand why students should learn to collaborate with teachers. Whether it is working together, completing homework, or cross subjects research. Collaboration can bring change. Integration can also bring change. It has been proven that there are more differences between the native population of the United States and more students are achieving in education. To integrate education it is important to collaborate and create new programs. Freshman students could learn current literacy topics. Seniors may learn about an interesting period of history. And these skills could be implemented in the working system.

I would love to be a healthy combination of how teachers cooperate and collaborate with their students. To achieve these opportunities I would explore web-based programs to deepen the student and teacher relationship and the integration of knowledge. Although today we are facing a lack of trust and support, now is the time to form a high-quality and innovative blended approach to education and education technology. With this, no district can live in constant competition for funding. Now education will be provided by so many classrooms and teachers where each student will get the education they deserve.

World Teacher’s Day holds utmost significance as it is celebrated to mark progress and reflect on ways to counter the challenges relating to the teaching profession.

BLUêSINGA group wishes Happy Teacher’s day to every teacher out there.

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