CEP® Intermediate

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About Course

CEP® Intermediate is a basic certification program for an individual to get entry into eCommerce industry. The program has got some of the best training content available in the internet with over 17 different certifications as an All-In-One bundle. The program is completely self-paced with online life-time access, updates and support.


Program Background

The Certified E-Commerce Professional is a flagship certification program of Indian Institute of Ecommerce and it was launched in the year 2015. IIEC has trained and certified over 15,000 students so far. E-Commerce executives are a need of the time in the business world post covid-19 the demand of CEP’s has increased and we are estimating that over 100000 CEP’s will be required to manage Small and medium sized businesses in India alone. The program is 100% online and the jobs are also virtual / work from home as the e-commerce and edtech startups willing to hire our students are based in Singapore, UK, Canada or United States of America USA.

CEP® Intermediate
1. Certified Digital Marketing Professional

2. Fundamentals of E-commerce

3. Certified E-Commerce Web Developer

4. Certified E-Commerce Operations Manager

5. Certified E-Commerce Law Professional

6. Certified Dropshipping Expert.

7. E-Commerce & Global Trade Professional

8. Certified Retail E-Commerce Executive

9. GST for Ecommerce

10. Certified Marketing Automation Expert

11. Certified Growth Hacking Expert

12. Certified SEO Strategy Professional

13. Certified Social Media Professional

14. Certified Content Development Expert

15. Certified Content Marketing Professional

16. Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional

Course access:
The CEP program for Intermediate is a 3-month online certification program, and the students learn 17 different certification programs in the 1st month, the student needs to successfully get certified, this is just 80-90 hours of on-demand video lecture so the students gets to know the fundamentals of the e-commerce business.

What Will I Learn?

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional
  • Fundamentals of E-commerce
  • Certified Ecommerce Web Developer
  • Certified Ecommerce Operations Manager
  • Certified Ecommerce Law Professional
  • Certified Dropshipping Expert
  • Ecommerce & Global Trade Professional
  • Certified Ecommerce Security Manager
  • Certified Retail Ecommerce Executive
  • GST for Ecommerce
  • Certified Marketing Automation Expert
  • Certified Growth Hacking Expert
  • Certified SEO Strategy Professional
  • Certified Social Media Professional
  • Certified Content Development Expert
  • Certified Content Marketing Professional
  • Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional

Topics for this course

17 Lessons80h

Online Course Curriculum

Certified Digital Marketing Professional7:13
Fundamentals of E-commerce7:13
E-Commerce Web Developer7:13
E-Commerce Operations Manager00:00
E-Commerce Law Professional6:37
Dropshipping Expert7:13
E-Commerce & Global Trade Professional00:00
E-Commerce Security Manager7:13
Retail E-Commerce Executive7:13
GST for E-Commerce7:13
Marketing Automation Expert7:13
Growth Hacking Expert7:13
SEO Strategy Professional6:37
Social Media Professional7:13
Content Development Expert7:13
Content Marketing Professional7:13
Affiliate Marketing Professional7:13

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Material Includes

  • 17+ Certification Bundle
  • On-Demand Self-Paced Online Program
  • Life-time access and updates
  • 3-4 months full-time online program.