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About Course

What is E-Commerce?, E-Commerce is buying and selling of goods and services online which is a sales-based business model. Secure your career as an E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Executive with the Indian Institute of E-Commerce, this program is for internal hiring by Indian Institute of E-Commerce in collaboration with various E-Commerce startups incubated by us. These are new startups and are in an early traction stage, startups are looking to build their dream digital marketing and digital sales team.


Program Background:

The Certified E-Commerce Professional is a flagship certification program of Indian Institute of Ecommerce and it was launched in the year 2015. IIEC has trained and certified over 15,000 students so far. E-Commerce executives are a need of the time in the business world post covid-19 the demand of CEP’s has increased and we are estimating that over 100000 CEP’s will be required to manage Small and medium sized businesses in India alone. The program is 100% online and the jobs are also virtual / work from home as the e-commerce and edtech startups willing to hire our students are based in Singapore, UK, Canada or United States of America USA.

CEP® Expert – Job Description(Level II)

1. Leverage Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba platforms to create a full-time online business and much more by selling physical products with high sales volume and low competition.

2. Use a specific set of rules to uncover the easiest and most profitable items to sell in ecommerce marketplaces.

3. Understand how to create the ‘perfect’ listing on E-commerce marketplaces for high rankings

4. Know what Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba or any ecommerce marketplace shoppers are searching for and take advantage of that knowledge to get more sales.

5. Know how to immediately start sales the right way and grow your sales consistently.

6. Understand how to use Amazon’s internal advertising feature.

7. Learn to avoid the pitfalls and costly mistakes often made by new sellers

8. Take advantage of advanced tactics to take sales to a whole new level

9. Understand how the top 1% of Amazon sellers or any marketplace seller play the game

10. Save a ton of time by tapping into 95000+ niches and products that have already been researched by Indian Institute of ecommerce

11. Know how to get approval to sell in restricted categories.

12. Follow a simple step-by-step plan to fast forward the entire ecommerce sales process

Step 1: Course access – 1 Month:

The CEP program for Expert is a 11 month online certification program, and the students learn 17 different certification programs in the 1st month, the student needs to successfully get certified, this is just 80-90 hours of on-demand video lecture so the students gets to know the fundamentals of the e-commerce business.

Step 2: Assignments – 4 Months:

Milestone and performance driven skill set development in a highly practical environment. Here the CEP student is given the opportunity to work on practical assignments for the next 4 months to gain hands-on practical knowledge managing IIEC’s digital programs for better understanding of various social and search channels to become efficient with the technologies, the assignments are fun and entertaining yet challenging for some as it is a performance-based task. In the 16 week assignment we expect the student to achieve milestones and desired results.

Step 3: Internship – 6 Months:

Once the student has successfully learnt the practical skills during the assignment then he is given the opportunity to access the 6 month performance based paid internship program where the student earns upto Rs.10,000 per month as stipend. Every CEP student works on E-Commerce product campaign management and the student’s primary task is to generate traffic leads and sales of an e-commerce product which can either be a physical good or a digital goods.

Step 4: CEP Job Salary & hiring trends:

Post successful completion of all the above 3 steps, the CEP students are given the opportunity to work for IIEC Incubated e-commerce start-ups once they have gained satisfactory results and the salary can be between Rs.6 Lacs to Rs.12 Lacs per annum. The job assurance terms are simple to understand as given below.

For example, if the CEP student achieves the results then IIEC takes responsibility to provide them a job assurance based on the salary slab agreed between IIEC and Startup. For instance an IIEC’s incubated E-Commerce startup which is based in the USA in the clothing niche, they want to hire a Certified E-Commerce Professional who can generate x number of organic traffic, leads and sales in a defined timeframe. Here the value x is subjective and the expectations by the startup is set up based on the historical data and analytics that digital marketers can achieve organically for an e-commerce campaign based on the current industry trends.

Assurance Terms

In certain conditions if a student is unable to achieve results even after completion of the 11 month program in that case IIEC do not guarantee a job due to the students performance issue and any claims over the program’s expected results will be disclaimed. By joining the IIEC’s CEP program under the job assurance the student agrees that just by joining IIEC’s CEP certification program the student will not be hired for a full-time job since it purely depends on CEP student’s performance, knowledge, skills and efforts. Please note: If CEP student is unable to perform and do not become job ready in the given timeframe, then IIEC will give the student free access to the program for a complete new term that’s 11 more months at no additional cost and all training expenses will be beared by IIEC to make the student successful. In case, if the student is still unable to comply with the required set of skills even in the second free course term then IIEC’s job assurance terms and conditions shall become null and void and IIEC or IIEC’s partners will not be responsible for job assurance for here on and no refund will be provided in any circumstances. however IIEC will be glad to support you with job assistance and provide you lifetime course access, updates & support at no additional cost.

1:1 Support

Indian Institute of Ecommerce is a training institute and startup incubator. Job assistance/assurance is complimentary support, not a compulsory service that IIEC provides the students so IIEC’s CEP students can achieve their eCommerce campaign targets such as leads, traffic, and sales for the startup store while they work at the startup virtually in order to become job-ready. IIEC is not responsible for non-performing students during their engagement with startup assignments or internships. However, IIEC continues to provide the 1:1 support via student support email ID, if needed we do zoom video calls, phone calls, 1:1 chat with students in IIEC’s student-specific WhatsApp group to give ongoing support to the student during the entire 11-month program.

What Will I Learn?

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional
  • Fundamentals of E-commerce
  • Certified Ecommerce Web Developer
  • Certified Ecommerce Operations Manager
  • Certified Ecommerce Law Professional
  • Certified Dropshipping Expert
  • Ecommerce & Global Trade Professional
  • Certified Ecommerce Security Manager
  • Certified Retail Ecommerce Executive
  • GST for Ecommerce
  • Certified Marketing Automation Expert
  • Certified Growth Hacking Expert
  • Certified SEO Strategy Professional
  • Certified Social Media Professional
  • Certified Content Development Expert
  • Certified Content Marketing Professional
  • Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional

Topics for this course

17 Lessons80h

Online Course Curriculum?

Practically understand Digital Marketing Strategies, learn to focus on every step of your customer, thinking like a CEO, Story Telling, Digital Marketing Tools
Certified Digital Marketing Professional00:07:13
Fundamentals of E-commerce7:13
Certified Ecommerce Web Developer6:37
Certified Ecommerce Operations Manager7:13
Certified Ecommerce Law Professional6:37
Certified Dropshipping Expert7:13
Ecommerce & Global Trade Professional6:37
Certified Ecommerce Security Manager6:37
Certified Retail Ecommerce Executive6:37
GST for Ecommerce7:13
Certified Marketing Automation Expert00:00
Certified Growth Hacking Expert00:00
Certified SEO Strategy Professional00:00
Certified Social Media Professional00:00
Certified Content Development Expert00:00
Certified Content Marketing Professional00:00
Certified Affiliate Marketing Professional00:00

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Material Includes

  • full-time internship with stipend post CEP certification
  • Job assurance of ₹6 - ₹12 Lac per annum** after completion
  • 6 months of On-the-Job remote online Training with stipend
  • 16 weeks (4 month) assignments for CEP
  • 11 months Full time online program
  • Interaction with digital marketing experts and peers
  • Dedicated Student Success Mentor
  • Self-paced online program with remote job


  • Laptop/Pc